Digital marketing is a kind of online promotion which uses to advertise certain business using the digital channel. The digital media involves social media, websites, and many other. The online digital marketing somehow evolves very quickly in which it brings new software, methods, and user preferences each year. To be able to develop the recent online marketing strategy trends, you need to stay up to date with the happening development. Keeping up with the latest online marketing trends surely beneficial to win the competition to reach new markets exposure as well as building the brand reputation. As we already in 2016, it is essential to keep up with the current marketing trend in order to take your business to a different level. Here are the top 5 online digital marketing trends to follow in 2016 and beyond.

More video advertisement

The video advertisement is not something new, but it will be more dominating in 2016 since social media such as Face-book and Bing started offering video for advertising options. Last year, YouTube has been dominating the internet and proving that video was still the main key as the content platform. While the textual content such as blogging still has its own place, however, video somehow able to engage more users in a higher rate. Studies even show that website visitor will stay for more than two minutes if it features a video content. In addition, Google now also includes the video content to the search engine results which means that website with video will have higher chance to place the first-page search engine.

SEO will continue to grow the content marketing

SEO or search engine optimization is not over, yet. It is evolving from time to time; what was consider as manipulative and shady SEO practice is now becoming the so-called content marketing. The search engine algorithms also become advanced as well as able to filter the content which is actually try to place the first ranking only and the genuine content that actually useful for the user.

More wearable technologies

More and more people will surely demand wearable technologies which indeed make the human life easier. Take for example of Apple which was the first to launch the smart watch generation and competing with other smart watches which are scheduled to release in 2016. Those wearable technologies also challenge the marketers to provide the best on the go information as well as make the contents are searchable through the voice commands.

Mobile phone continued to dominate

It was once said that the mobile phone will dominate the online world and yes, it is still happening. With the Google decision to include a mobile-friendly website in the search engine result makes mobile phone users elevate. Most of the browsing and product search experience as well as communication is done via the mobile applications.

More productive content marketing

As the search engine algorithms capture the content origin, relevance, and type; it makes one of the most used SEO in 2016 will be the productive content marketing. The good quality content increases the chance for the customers to pick as well as elevate the traffic. If you are going to make content marketing, make sure to get a productive one from Internet Marketing Company USA.

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